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Lola on “Reid This, Reid That” podcast with Joy-Ann Reid and Jacque Reid

A fun discussion with the play cousins Joy and Jacque about British culture, attitudes to race and class and why the tabloids are so mean to Meghan Markle. I’m on about 40 minutes in.

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MSNBC: Talking Trump’s State Visit to London with Joy-Ann Reid

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Theresa May’s Brexit deal rejected

I would have SO much more respect for Theresa May if she said “listen – this Brexit thing is impractical, unfeasible, and will cause irreparable damage”. She KNOWS it can’t work. YET… she continues… BBC News – UK PM’s Brexit deal rejected by 230 votes — Lola Adesioye (@lolaadesioye) January 15, 2019  

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May survives confidence vote

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EU says UK can cancel Brexit decision…

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An end to racism!

The wonderful instagram community @disruptivewoman – which features dynamic, pioneering women – was kind enough to feature me as one of their interviewees. The question they asked was “what problem in the world do you want to solve?”. What a great question! I had a lot to say on that one. See my answer is below: […]