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WBLS 107.5 talking Trump, impeachment, Democratic strategy and more.

  We had a good discussion on WBLS 107.5’s open line 2nd hour about Trump, impeachment, Democratic talking points and much more.

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How and why Trump uses racism as a political tool – and why he will become even more aggressively racist in the run-up to 2020

In November 2016 –  shortly after Donald Trump was elected nearly three years ago – I wrote the following article for The New Statesman about his use of racism as a political strategy in order to appeal to the grievances of white Americans who feel that their sense of identity is under threat. As I […]

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MSNBC panel discussion – Democrats need to take responsibility for the country’s economic growth

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MSNBC: Talking Trump’s State Visit to London with Joy-Ann Reid

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Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years After Implicating Trump in Hush-Money Scandal…

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EU says UK can cancel Brexit decision…

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Video: In the age of Trump, who can save globalism?

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Supreme Court Upholds Trump travel ban – A bad news day

This is bad, bad, bad news for America. In addition to upholding this Muslim ban, this court has also a) upheld racial gerrymandering in Texas and North Carolina (where voting boundaries are re-drawn, effectively making votes of minority voters less important) and b) upheld voter purging in Ohio allowing them to remove the names of […]

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Welcome To America – Time Magazine

America 2018. At times it can be hard to believe there’s light at the end of this Trump tunnel. Innocent children are being ripped away from their families, placed in detention centres and cages – yes, cages – like animals. There’s no regard to their well being and even worse, we don’t know how or […]

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What can Democrats do to expand the immigration debate?

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On-air with Joy-Reid. Talking Immigration.

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The State of Immigration…

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Trump’s “shithole” comments about Africa, Haiti and El Salvador reveal the deep-rooted racism at the heart of Trumpism

Every time Donald Trump makes a comment about a non-white country, or a non-white person, it becomes increasingly obvious that his America-First agenda is a zero-sum game whose aim is to elevate all things white while denigrating anything and anybody else. In Trump’s world, everything related to whiteness and white people (neo-Nazis included) is right […]

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Lola’s Book Club: Fire & Fury by Michael Wolff

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Lola on AMJoy: Discussing the shocking slave trade in Libya + Trump’s continued attacks on the media The enslavement of migrants in Libya, as exposed recently by CNN, is so sickening that it’s hard for me to fully articulate the depth of disgust, horror and anger that I feel about this issue. From a human perspective, slavery is fundamentally wrong and should be offensive to us all, but it further pains […]

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Lola on MSNBC: Thoughts on the latest travel ban [video]

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Lola in The New Statesman: The rise of anti-semitism in Trump’s America

Anti-Semitism is once again on the rise in America. Since January alone, there have been 67 bomb threats against Jewish Community Centres in around 27 states around the country. On Monday, a Jewish cemetery in St Louis, Missouri was desecrated, with over 100 headstones overturned. There has been a large increase in online anti-Semitic threats and hate speech. Swastikas have […]

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Stay Woke: Brands get political in the Trump era

It was with anticipation that I tuned in, along with 111.3 million other people, on Sunday night, to watch the Super Bowl. I don’t fully understand American football to be honest, but I’ve always enjoyed a good Super Bowl party. This game, however, wasn’t just your average Super Bowl. Not just because of the Patriots’ […]