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Lola in The New Statesman: The Republican Party’s future: evolve or die

[Originally published in The New Statesman] If the GOP is to avoid becoming completely irrelevant, it needs to embrace people who actually understand modern America. While President Obama’s supporters bask in re-election glory, America’s conservatives have been left asking themselves how and why their man managed to lose this election and what they can do […]

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Leave confederate history in the past

[Originally published in The Guardian] Virginia governor Bob McDonnell wants to celebrate confederate history – but it is inextricably linked to slavery There’s no shortage of events to create uproar in America. A couple of weeks ago it was caused by members of the Tea Party who seemed to forget that this is 2010, not […]

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GOP, step away from the Tea Party

After the racist and homophobic insults used at a rally against healthcare reform, Republicans should denounce the Tea Party  Tea Party protesters hold a sign outside the US Capitol as they demonstrate against the health care bill. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images Over the past year, the Tea Party movement has grown to the point where it can […]