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Justice for George Floyd

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Why are racists like this given a platform in major publications?

View this post on Instagram An actual headline (today’s, btw) from an actual British paper (@thetimes). I will spare you the full article except that in an attempt to explain the apparent moral degeneracy of black people, black mothers +black culture that has apparently led to a number of young black and brown kids being […]

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An end to racism!

The wonderful instagram community @disruptivewoman – which features dynamic, pioneering women – was kind enough to feature me as one of their interviewees. The question they asked was “what problem in the world do you want to solve?”. What a great question! I had a lot to say on that one. See my answer is below: […]

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Supreme Court Upholds Trump travel ban – A bad news day

This is bad, bad, bad news for America. In addition to upholding this Muslim ban, this court has also a) upheld racial gerrymandering in Texas and North Carolina (where voting boundaries are re-drawn, effectively making votes of minority voters less important) and b) upheld voter purging in Ohio allowing them to remove the names of […]

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Welcome To America – Time Magazine

America 2018. At times it can be hard to believe there’s light at the end of this Trump tunnel. Innocent children are being ripped away from their families, placed in detention centres and cages – yes, cages – like animals. There’s no regard to their well being and even worse, we don’t know how or […]

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On-air with Joy-Reid. Talking Immigration.

View this post on Instagram This morning with @joyannreid talking about Family migration which Trump wants to end despite the fact that he himself wouldn’t be here without it. A post shared by Lola Adesioye (@lolaadesioye) on Jan 20, 2018 at 8:16am PST

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The State of Immigration…

View this post on Instagram #Repost @marlonhill Tune in tomorrow Saturday 10am for #amjoyshow on @msnbc to discuss the State of #Immigration discourse in America w/ a learned commentary panel @lolaadesioye 🇳🇬 🇬🇧, Jennifer Mendelsohn and yours truly 🇯🇲 🇺🇸 Who comes? Who stays? Who goes? Why and why not? #familyimmigration #meritbasedimmigration #DACA #Dreamers A […]

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Trump’s “shithole” comments about Africa, Haiti and El Salvador reveal the deep-rooted racism at the heart of Trumpism

Every time Donald Trump makes a comment about a non-white country, or a non-white person, it becomes increasingly obvious that his America-First agenda is a zero-sum game whose aim is to elevate all things white while denigrating anything and anybody else. In Trump’s world, everything related to whiteness and white people (neo-Nazis included) is right […]

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Leave confederate history in the past

[Originally published in The Guardian] Virginia governor Bob McDonnell wants to celebrate confederate history – but it is inextricably linked to slavery There’s no shortage of events to create uproar in America. A couple of weeks ago it was caused by members of the Tea Party who seemed to forget that this is 2010, not […]

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Who’s the racist, Rupert?

By backing Glenn Beck’s wild rant that Barack Obama is racist, Rupert Murdoch is as incendiary as his Fox News pundits When watching the likes of Glenn Beck (or other pundits of his leanings) on Fox News, I’m not just alarmed by the man himself. It takes a big team of people to sustain a daily TV […]