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Welcome to Black History Month

View this post on Instagram   Say it loud like James did! Happy Black History Month!! ✊🏾 #blackandproud #blackhistorymonth #blackexcellence #blackisbeautiful #everymonthisblackhistorymonth #wakandaforever A post shared by Lola Adesioye (@lolaadesioye) on Feb 1, 2019 at 6:49am PST  

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Happy MLK Day

View this post on Instagram “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way” – Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Reflecting on the life and […]

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How Hit Show Insecure Teaches You To Get What You Want in Life

View this post on Instagram I spoke to The Wall Street Journal’s “Moneyish” (alongside the show’s showrunner @the_a_prentice) about the hit show @insecurehbo and what it’s showing /teaching black women about getting what we want (and deserve) in life and in our careers. The gender pay gap is real, and even more so for Black […]

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Thank you, Ms Franklin

View this post on Instagram Thank you, Ms Aretha. You gave us so much, and we will forever love, remember and be inspired by you. 🙏🏾❤️ #arethafranklin #thegreatest A post shared by LOLA (@lolaadesioye) on Aug 16, 2018 at 8:24am PDT

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RIP Aretha Franklin, Soul Legend

View this post on Instagram So thankful for being able to talk about my love for Aretha Franklin on air with Sky News this morning. Many of us have never known music without Aretha. As a singer, she was the ultimate with that inimitable voice. She WAS soul. Rest well, Queen. ❤️❤️❤️ A post shared […]

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Meghan Markle & the Diversification of the Royal Family

View this post on Instagram Great piece by @afuahirsch about Meghan and Harry in Time Magazine’s Commemorative issue, featuring a quote by yours truly. #royalwedding #meghanandharry #meghanmarkle #royalfamily A post shared by LOLA (@lolaadesioye) on May 19, 2018 at 12:24pm PDT

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“This is America” – Childish Gambino’s Masterful Visual Thinkpiece

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Beychella and Beyonce’s Homage to Black Culture

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Lola Interviewed by Flipboard: On the Red Couch

On the Red Couch with Journalist Lola Adesioye Mia Quagliarello / August 10, 2017 Lola Adesioye came upon an Obama rally in her first few months living in New York City in 2007 and, upon seeing a presidential candidate of color, she knew she wanted to become part of the narrative of American culture and […]

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Lola in The New Statesman: The Republican Party’s future: evolve or die

[Originally published in The New Statesman] If the GOP is to avoid becoming completely irrelevant, it needs to embrace people who actually understand modern America. While President Obama’s supporters bask in re-election glory, America’s conservatives have been left asking themselves how and why their man managed to lose this election and what they can do […]

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Lola in The New Statesman: As a white student sues a university for alleged racial discrimination, is this the end of affirmative action?

An educational system that has historically been set up to reinforce inequalities will take a lot of work to dismantle, says Lola Adesioye. In 2008, high school graduate Abigail Fisher of Sugar Land, Texas, was disappointed to find that her application to the University of Texas at Austin, a leading public college, had been rejected. […]

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Pen Tales: Lola Adesioye talks identity and migration

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Lola in The Guardian: Shirley Sherrod’s case exposes ugly media flaws

[Originally published in The Guardian] The hasty sacking of Shirley Sherrod shows how easily we are manipulated by ‘journalism’ based on inaccuracies When Shirley Sherrod spoke at an NAACP event and shared a 24-year-old story of overcoming her prejudices, little did she realise the same speech would come back to in a new, highly edited form, putting […]

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Lola in The Guardian: After Oscar Grant, just take guns away from US police officers

[Originally published in The Guardian]  A passerby walks by a mural of Oscar Grant in downtown Oakland, California. Photograph: Susana Bates/EPA Friday 9 July 2010 11.35 EDTFirst published on Friday 9 July 2010 11.35 EDT View more sharing options Shares 20 Comments 245 People in America always ask me what police officers do in the UK without guns. They […]

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Lola in The Guardian: Lena Horne, a true breakthrough act

With the passing of singer, actor and entertainer Lena Horne in New York yesterday at the age of 92, we remember yet another person – an African-American woman – whose life and work paved the way for America to be what it is today. It was the perseverance and passion of people like Lena Horne that helped […]

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Lola in The Economist: The NAACP at 100: Much still to do

[Originally published in The Economist] But America’s oldest civil-rights outfit is redefining its role DURING the summer of 1908, riots raged through Abraham Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois. The quiet removal of two black men who had been held in prison as suspects in two separate attacks on white people enraged the white community. They […]