Clients include: Global and national brands, organizations, institutions, and political campaigns.

Our aim is: to help our clients better understand the social, cultural and political landscapes in which they operate, so that they can use that information to effectively engage, communicate and achieve desired results.

Why we do what we do:

We are living in a world of rapid change. In less than a decade, the internet and social media have given millions of ordinary people unprecedented access to information – as well as the ability to create their own news and views and to share information widely and quickly – that they have never had before.

As recent social and political trends (e.g. the election of Barack Obama, Brexit, as well as the election of now President Trump and Jeremy Corbyn’s success in the recent UK election) have shown, this has shifted power dynamics in new and unforeseen ways, making it harder to predict results through traditional polling and market research practices.

Why us?

Over the past decade, for example, many experts have been off the mark when it comes to predicting who will win elections and in understanding why ordinary people think and behave the way they do. We believe that this is partly because traditional market research and political polling overlooks large groups of people who have previously been less involved in social, cultural, political and consumer activity but who now have a lot more sway and influence in those arenas. Experts also have failed to understand the impact of global and wider trends, values and ideas on individual and group behaviour.

It has become clear to us, however, that there is a way to provide a more accurate assessment of the direction in which social, cultural and political trends are going, and what effect they might have. Using our unique research skills, intelligence gathering abilities and cultural analysis techniques, we provide our clients with information which will help them both understand the current landscape as well to as make better decisions.

Although we live in a world awash with data, it is obvious that quantitive assessments alone do not tell the whole story. Everyone must dig deeper and find better ways in order to get to the core of current consumer behaviour if they are to succeed in the 21st century.

Analysis of growing cultural ideas and shifting social norms in places where established organizations might not traditionally look enable us to shed more light on how people are really thinking and to decipher how they might actually act.

Who we are: The Adesioye Agency is run by respected writer and political commentator Lola Adesioye, who has successfully predicted many election results over the past decade. For the past decade, Lola has regularly provided insightful commentary and opinion on social and political issues for an array of major international media (publications, TV and radio), including The Guardian, The Economist, The New Statesman, MSNBC, BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, Sky News and others.

Lola’s background in communications, analysis and research, as well as a keen interest in global social, cultural and political trends, all underpinned by the rigour of her studies in Social & Political Science at Cambridge University, has given her a unique ability to look at and decipher underlying shifts which others might not notice.

The Agency also has a team of trendforecasters, analysts and researchers who have their ears to the ground in a variety of relevant industries and are uniquely placed to provide insights. More importantly, these people are digital natives who understand the influence and impact on technology and social media on contemporary mindsets.

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