Why are racists like this given a platform in major publications?

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An actual headline (today’s, btw) from an actual British paper (@thetimes). I will spare you the full article except that in an attempt to explain the apparent moral degeneracy of black people, black mothers +black culture that has apparently led to a number of young black and brown kids being murdered in London, the author laments that “poverty and racial inequality” are “comfortable answers” and ultimately “PC rot”. He also kindly tells us that “it [I assume he means black culture] is a culture that needs to change, for the sake of the children”, before going on to talk about the “gangsta rap vids, posted on YouTube”. He concludes with this, to describe the life and death of 14 year old Jaden Moodie who was stabbed to death last week in London: “Born into utter hopelessness, with few prospects, because of a culture that another culture – the dominant, white, liberal culture – insists must not be gainsaid.” If that last paragraph does not piss you off then please just unfollow me now. It is ignoramuses like this who are given the opportunity to put pen to paper (or hand to computer) on a regular basis and shape public opinion with their paternalistic, know-it-all, intellectually lazy, logically unsound, uneducated gibberish; repeating the same stereotypical bullshit we have been hearing forever, and that has allowed westerners to justify their exploitation and degradation of people of colour for centuries. Can you imagine being a mother/family member of one of these deceased youngsters and having to read that? BTW- There are some people on this platform who have either questioned or even mocked why I talk about racial issues or stand so strongly against racism. Pls do not ask me again because I won’t smile at you politely like I did last time. If by now you refuse to see what I see, that’s just too bad. I stan for me and mine, even if no one else does. @thetimes hid this behind the paywall, I suppose not expecting certain people to be paid subscribers. but I still read UK publications even from here. And I have subscriptions where necessary. Yah, black people read too. when we aren’t watching gangsta rap vids on YouTube. #canracismdiethisyearplease

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