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My Guest appearance on BBC3’s Classical Fix

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Totally loved appearing as the featured guest on the BBC3 Classical Fix podcast! Classical Fix is all about breaking down prejudices, stereotypes and myths about classical music – who makes it and performs it, as well as who listens to it. I’ve always been a big classical music fan, and I find myself going back to it more and more as I get older. I find it helps me relax as well as think more clearly! Such a great interview by the host Clemency Burton-Hill (@clemencybh) who is so inspiring and knowledgeable as well as a fellow music loving obsessive! I will treasure her custom made playlist, which featured a piece by Florence Beatrice Price (a female African American composer from Little Rock, Arkansas who you should know if you don’t already), Bach, Beethoven, Lili Boulanger (a French woman composer) to Gershwin. We had a great chat about our love of music, as well as culture, history, feminism, Harlem and life in general. Podcast is out in the UK on Sunday; available on BBC iplayer in the US on Monday. I’ll make sure to post a link. Can’t wait for you to hear it! 🎶 Oh!! And the dope Africa sweater (which I get comments on all the time) is by @omomii_ ❤️❤️❤️ #classicalfix #loveclassicalmusic #classicalmusicisforeveryone #defystereotypes

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