Beychella and Beyonce’s Homage to Black Culture

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Besides being an incredible singer and performer, the thing I love about Beyoncé is the amazing amount of black cultural references she manages to fit into one show. The HBCU theme, stepping, Black Greek culture, the variety of different shades of women (notice they all wear tights that actually match the colour of their skin), the body positivity, the Egyptian/African looks in her costumes, the Black Panthers (no, not the film) looks, musical nods to Fela plus to so many other more recent and current styles and dances (she loves her dutty whine parts!), singing the African American National anthem… I could go on. There’s so much cultural pride, education and information going on here!! Not to mention: all executed with excellence!!!✊🏾I don’t consider myself part of the Beyhive per se but man – credit where credit is due!!! #beychella #coachella

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