Growing old stylishly

After watching Michelle Obama’s compelling speech at the Democratic National Convention last night, I began to think some more about how I’ll be and what I’ll look like when I get to 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 (and hopefully older). Michelle Obama, with her poise, elegance, self-confidence and grace, is a great example of a woman who gets better with age.

In today’s society, where there is such an obsession with youth (especially for women), it is easy to believe that once you past 35, it’s all over. It is also hard to find more mature role models these days and one sometimes has to be reminded that they do exist.

91 year old style icon Iris Apfel is a woman whose creativity, unique sense of style, boldness and joyous approach to life I find inspiring and fascinating. Here’s the trailer to a documentary that is being made about her. There are some real gems of wisdom in this 5 minute clip. Enjoy.