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Great Woody Allen interview in the WSJ

I really enjoyed reading this interview – Older, Mellower, But Still Woody Allen – with Woody Allen in the Wall Street Journal recently. I think he gives some very thought provoking answers.

There are a few things in it that I found particularly interesting:

1) Allen claims that he has never sent an email. I wonder how he has managed that (I’d like ot stop sending emails myself, for the most part)… I assume it must be because he has someone/people who send emails for him.

2) He claims that he has never read a review of his work. Considering how biting some can be, I can understand why he hasn’t. He also says that he doesn’t really care what people think of him which I like. As a creative person, it’s important to be able to honour your personal integrity by doing the work that you feel is important and that you need to get out of you, no matter what the response may be.

3) I found it pretty fascinating that he doesn’t let anyone read his scripts. He’s adamant about that.

4) His thoughts on moving on with life resonated with me. Once I have written an article, I rarely go back to it. Especially as I get older, I recognize that going over the past is a pointless endeavour. For better or worse, what’s happened has happened.

5) I balk at his absurdist philosophy on life (“…the true situation is a hopeless one because nothing does last”). I personally can’t understand how anyone can live with such a view and actually be happy or even want to live. If you take that perspective far enough, I fail to see what the point of life is at all. That’s not a paradigm for me!

Enjoy the read!!


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