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Lola in The Guardian: Shirley Sherrod’s case exposes ugly media flaws

[Originally published in The Guardian] The hasty sacking of Shirley Sherrod shows how easily we are manipulated by ‘journalism’ based on inaccuracies When Shirley Sherrod spoke at an NAACP event and shared a 24-year-old story of overcoming her prejudices, little did she realise the same speech would come back to in a new, highly edited form, putting […]

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Lola in The Guardian: After Oscar Grant, just take guns away from US police officers

[Originally published in The Guardian]  A passerby walks by a mural of Oscar Grant in downtown Oakland, California. Photograph: Susana Bates/EPA Friday 9 July 2010 11.35 EDTFirst published on Friday 9 July 2010 11.35 EDT View more sharing options Shares 20 Comments 245 People in America always ask me what police officers do in the UK without guns. They […]