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GOP, step away from the Tea Party

After the racist and homophobic insults used at a rally against healthcare reform, Republicans should denounce the Tea Party  Tea Party protesters hold a sign outside the US Capitol as they demonstrate against the health care bill. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images Over the past year, the Tea Party movement has grown to the point where it can […]

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Lola in Nigeria and Democracy Inaction

[Originally published at] How long can Africa’s most populous country go on without a clear leader? Imagine that one day President Barack Obama disappears. It is rumored that he has gone to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment of a condition that nobody is quite certain about. After three months, the public starts to speculate […]


Should Obama do more for black America?

He need not ‘ballyhoo’ a ‘black agenda’ but solving problems that affect African-Americans would strengthen the US as a whole Over the past week, the recording of an on-air argument between Reverend Al Sharpton, the prominent civil rights leader, and Tavis Smiley, a well-known African-American media personality, has been circulating in the black US media. […]